CGI for Vitaloe

Development and visualization

Compared to photography, the three-dimensional visualization of a product is superior in many aspects. The biggest advantage of computer generated imagery is probably that products can be visually displayed before the market launch and the presentation of different variants of a product is very fast and with manageable effort.

The released product is exported to a visualization software. The software can then be used, among other things, to set the lighting mood so that the product is displayed optimally and in the perfect light.

For many years we have been working with the various possibilities of product visualization. Tablo has a great deal of expertise in this area and can look back on many successfully completed projects.

Visualization phases

From the idea to the final advertisement

In the project "Vitaloe", a 3D model was first created using software. After that, the light was aligned accordingly and then the model was assigned the different materials and 2D illustrations.


In the final step, the rendering is edited in an image editing program and prepared for its intended use.


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