Design, visualisation and product development

Three Tablo designers created three entirely different designs as a first step - all of them, of course, taking into account Phonak's clear guidelines regarding the design and functionality of the displays. The aim was to create a uniform series, the product placement and function of the hearing aid should be clearly in the focus and a central element of the displays, also the design of the display series should of course incorporate the company's corporate design.

The result is more than impressive! Within a remarkably short space of time, the three small displays and an LED-based illuminated display were conceived and visualised by Tablo and subsequently sampled by Kling. Individual cardboard packaging in the Phonak look was subsequently created to ensure that the first impression was immediately noticeable in the specialist trade and the high quality of the product was unquestionably assured. The displays and packaging were 100% 'Made in Germany' and have already been successfully launched in the specialist trade.

Drafts and visualisation


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