A website for Europe's largest filmmaker community FMD

Innovative and user-friendly presentation of the projects

FMD Productions sets new standards in the field of video marketing, has the largest community of filmmakers in Europe and specializes in foreign productions. FMD produces unique and spectacular events and campaigns in exotic surroundings all over the world and converts simple productions into comprehensive "all-in-one" media campaigns.


The task was to develop a website that reflects the core competencies of FMD and allows the user the best possible usability. The page should provide a quick overview of the areas, productions, community and best practices. An interactive map became an eye-catcher on the homepage. This allows visitors to quickly marvel at the past FMD projects in all countries.



Based on the existing corporate design, the color scheme was colored in the "electro-neon" style. Furthermore, the gradients, colors and shapes from the CI and previous projects were reused and incorporated into the implementation of the website.

Optimal display of images and content on all devices

Responsive Webdesign

FMD has a large community on Facebook. This target group is predominantly on the move on mobile devices and must therefore be able to access all resources while on the move. For this reason, it was a prerequisite to design the website responsive and thus optimally reproduce the multitude of information on each device without losing clarity.

Quick overview of the current foreign productions

Interactive maps (user experience)

Our goal was to implement the four main themes "room category overview", "restaurant overview", "event location overview" and "spa & fitness" in a user-friendly manner. It should be possible for the viewer to quickly grasp the diversity of the hotel and to obtain detailed information. Call2Action buttons enable the user to book a room or reserve a table at any time.

Interactive product descriptions

Moving content without being overloaded

With the help of this interactive module, largely unknown services and products can be better presented. In this example, the characteristics of an FPV drone are shown on the basis of 6 flight characteristics via video as soon as the mouse moves over it.

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