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Classic, noble website with a red thread

Unmistakable taste experiences paired with a tireless passion for the best that Europe has to offer:

The culinary team around head chef Philipp Ferber serves refined brasserie-style cuisine with a local touch. Whether for a relaxed dinner or a light snack at the Raw Bar, all culinary wishes are met in The Duchy.

The aim was to develop a classic, elegant restaurant website in a brasserie style. The structured structure and the simple menu navigation should ensure easy access to the content of The Duchy with the higher-level tabs. From the start page, thematic links lead to the side pages, so the user can understand what information is available to him right from the start. As a rule, the first question the user asks himself is what kind of establishment it is and what offer is offered to me. Both questions are answered by well-placed content. Of course, the focus was clearly on the story and lifestyle of a Duchy. This runs like a red thread through the entire page.

Welcome to the world of "The Duchy"

Organize content and create feeling

Contemporary and relaxed with an impeccable culinary character that is characterized by its local and European roots. At The Duchy, culinary experiences and a noble establishment are balanced. Balanced content in terms of food and the premises was a particular challenge.


Inspired by classic Parisian brasseries, The Duchy is characterized by its local and European influence in flair and cuisine. Elegant and stylish, relaxed and cozy at the same time - the restaurant pays homage to the ducal epochs of Düsseldorf.

Create scene and lifestyle

A good story helps build a soul

The Duchy should shine. Another world and the feeling of the important and beautiful things in life should not only motivate the guest to spend money, but to enter into a completely different lifestyle. Special focus should be on the main topic of the "Duchy". What is a Duchy, what preferences and characteristics does it bring with it? A classic picture gallery presents these questions. This consolidates the target group and the unforgettable character of the establishment. The meaningful illustrations were painted by the New York artist Tug Rice, who shone through his previous achievements at the New York Times.

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